Youโ€™re getting MARRIED! Can you even believe it??

Your photos should reflect YOU! Maybe you define yourself as elegant, or artsy, or maybe youโ€™re just ready to parrrrrtaaaayyyy! Whatever it it is - I AM HERE. FOR. IT!

Iโ€™m pretty obsessed with people and capturing the moments that bring you right back to your wedding day. Youโ€™re pouring your HEART and SOUL into this special day - and it deserves to be fully documented and remembered!! I particularly love the in-between moments and the magic they bring - like your grandma looking at you in your wedding gown, your dad tearing up, or you and your best friends getting your DANCE on!

I am pretty chill and I can vibe with just about anyone! I can both fade into the background to go stealth mode on those perfect intimate moments - but I am also always ready step-up and herd some cats when we need to get some group photos done (but in a nice way! I grew up with cats!) I will ask all about YOU, your life and your people - because I TRULY CARE and I also want to capture those who are dear to you and your wedding day - because I know how important that is! 

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